Carrie Fisher Will Be Missed But Never Forgotten.

I had just gotten out of the shower when I received a phone call from my sister.With a semi hoarse voice, that was barely above that of a whisper s “Carrie Fisher just passed away” she mumbled.

Those words hit me like a punch to my gut, I was confused..It hadn’t been that that long ago that news outlets had informed the public that Fisher’s condition had been stable. I relayed that to my sister, stuttering and scrambling for my laptop all the while.

I was still wrapped in my bathroom towel. I quickly googled Carrie’s name.. Only one outlet had the post. I was somewhat relieved until my constantly hitting of the refresh key started showing more and more news outlets reporting her death. As the evidence ¬†kept on coming, tears started spilling from my eyes. I couldn’t even manage to continue talking to my sister, who was also looking at the deluge of reports that were now flooding the internet.

People often laugh at others who mourn the death of a celebrity, not understanding that even though we most likely have never met that individual, they can still inspire and motivate us through their work..their art. It’s something that one should not have to feel that they have to explain or justify to others, it just is for us.

The past few days have been rough on all of us who are fans of Carrie Fisher, me in particular. To me, she was like that eccentric aunt that you never really got to see often but when you heard from her, you were sure to have a blast.

Carrie Fisher will always be remembered, not just for her role as Princess Leia Organa but as an advocate for mental health issues and for being an overall candid and talented woman.

Rest in Peace Carrie, I’ll always miss you.carrie-fisher-1




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