New Star Ocean Announced for Mobile

I know that mobile games usually gets the same old reaction, an upturned nose and a sneer from gamers. But hear me out for just a moment, SquareEnix  just announced a collaboration with Star Ocean developer Tri-ACE to bring a Star Ocean  title to IOS and Android. Titled Star Ocean: Anamnesis, there isn’t much information on the game as of this writing BUT there is a teaser site set up. However be forewarned, it’s in Japanese.

If you’re really interested. The artwork on the teaser site seems to be a group shot of various heroes from past Star Ocean games. There seems to be an ongoing trend for mobile game releases of popular console franchises to basically include everyone from past titles..I guess that’s the appeal?


Really digging this art here…as confusing as it looks. I do see Fayte and a few Star Ocean Alums though!

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