There’s a Live Action Lion King Coming

Yea…this is an odd bit of news and something has frankly, never come to my mind ever. Jon Favreau (Iron Man 2, The Jungle Book) will be helming a live action adaption of the famous Disney animated film. I guess after the success of  the live action take of The Jungle Book.


Some of the commentary from’s comment section give you an idea of what the general public feels about this remake.


One user wrote

“Hell no. NOW Disney is going too far with this whole live action thing. What makes them think that if it worked for jungle book, that it might work for lion king ??? Part of the magic about that film was due to the fact that it was animated and was able to tell that story. There’s something about hand drawn, animated films that makes the characters feel real. You could actually see the emotion on their faces. They won’t be able to re capture that. That awe you feel the second the film starts, the fear you feel when Mufasa dies. The joy of seeing Simba and Nala together. Elton John and Tim Rice’s amazing songs. PLUS their already is a live action lion king. It’s on broadway”

While another had a different view point

” Well, considering that Jon did a great job with The Jungle Book, im ok with this. but like one person here said, it would be badass if Mufasa and Scar’s voice remained the same.”

What do you think? Is a live action remake of The Lion King a good idea or no?


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