Advance Wars Has A Successor..Sort Of

Many of us remember the amount of hours we sunk into Intelligent Systems’s mini war simulator ‘Advance Wars’. I still remember playing Advance Wars 2 late into the night on my Gameboy Advance wary of drain on my unit’s batteries.

I didn’t care, I was dead set on eliminating my A.I. opponents opposing forces before I turned in for the night. Advance Wars saw four entries, two on the Gameboy Advance and two more on the Nintendo DS. The last title being Days of Ruin released way back in 2008.  (There were also two spin offs that were more action oriented but those are a tale for another time.)

Jump to 2016 and Independent Developer Area 34 is bringing it’s on take on war with Tiny Metal. The game basically looks and plays like Advance Wars and tugs at your heart strings. The game is on Kickstarter and is still in need of backing. Check the video below and even download a demo to get a real feel of what Tiny Metal could become.

As of this writing, Tiny Metal has 24 days to meet it’s goal of $50,000.

Godspeed Gentlemen




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