Thrawn Returns for the Next Season of Star Wars ‘Rebels’

I’m by no stretch a fan of the CGI-animated attempts to bring Star Wars to the television screen. But I am a fan of classic Star Wars characters getting their chance to shine to a new generation of fans.

The latest trailer for Star Wars ‘Rebels‘s reveals that Grand Admiral Thrawn will be making his big debut onscreen. The famous Chiss is a big fan favorite of many fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. His calm, cold and calculating tactics captured a generation of Star Wars fans who grew up reading the “Thrawn” Trilogy of Star Wars novels ( Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command.)


Not to mention, Wedge Antilles, the ace of the rebellion will be making an appearance this upcoming season as well!

I might have to sit back and start giving ‘Rebels’ a shot!


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