Footage of Canceled Superman Game Released

Happy Dawn of Justice week! While I’m gearing up for the release of the greatest gladiator match in comic-book film history by watching episodes of DC’s ‘Justice League’. As I sit back and watch the team tackle Darkseid for the 100th time I can’t help but think of gaming and Superman. We’ve all had a laugh at the pitiful attempts at creating an accurate and fun game that followed the adventures of the big blue boy-scout.

From when man was first able to move pixels across a screen, there have been many attempts to portray what it would be like to play as the Man of Steel, with varying degrees of chuckles we’ve had Superman adventure games,fighting games and beatemups ranging from “Superman out for a walk” and “Superman beats up on the less fortunate” to ” No Superman, what are you doing?”.

At this point I take it you guys get it, Superman games have been hot garbage.  Recently it has come to light that there was a Superman game that was going to be based on the supposed sequel to Bryan Singer’s ‘Superman Returns’…Yea I’m glad that didn’t happen too.


However, turns out from the footage that’s been revealed, that ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ would have been more of a Superman’s “greatest hits” showcasing some of his greatest battles from both the comics and movies.

The game would have had you throwing down against the likes of Doomsday and Darkseid and testing your might against General Zod and his goons from Superman II. The game would was being developed for the PlayStation 3 with a ports for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 to follow.

You can feast your eyes on footage of  Superman:Man of Steel down below.The game was being developed by Factor 5, the developer behind the still amazing Rogue Squadron games who themselves had a tragic end  leading to their inevitable closing up shop.


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