Happy Dead or Alive Xtreme Day!

That’s right, the third entry into the Xtreme Beach Volleyball series is out today in Japan and Asia.The games has amassed a cult following over the past decade since the original was released for the first Xbox back in 2003. While the first game and the sequel DOAX2 were both exclusive to the Xbox and the Xbox 360, Xtreme 3 will only be found on the PlayStation 4 and the Vita this time around. There’s a PlayStation Portable game too but no one ever really talks about it.

Often chastised by those who can’t bring themselves to climb down from their soapboxes. The Xtreme series has always been the topic of contention when it comes to the subject of how video-games portray women. As an avid fan of the games, I can only simply say that if you do the research and you find that the games are not what you’re into, move on with your life and let those who ARE into the series enjoy them. It’s unfortunate that I have to speak the obvious since this game and others like it have received heavy criticism from western reviewers.

Anyway, there are videos up and about on YouTube, feel free to check them out and share your thoughts!


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